by Darsha Hewitt

Universal indicator paper, pipette, double sided tape, surface cleanser & vinegar, 2016

In the Sci-fi movie 'Total Recall' from 1990 the secretary changes the color of her fingernails by tipping on her nails. The Science Hack Day Berlin seemed to be the perfect space for hacking some Scifi Nail Art and find people who can help. Denny Phane joined us as a grandios collaborater and together we made fiction SCIENCE again!

We experimented with an universal indicator paper, a pH-indicator to test materials for acidity, you can buy in every pharmacy. The colours from yellow to red (1-6) indicate an acidic solution, colours light blue to dark blue indicate bases (9-11) and green colour indicates that a solution is neutral. With a superalkaline solution we changed the color of the paper from yellow to blue. We found a way to RECALL the previous yellow color by dropping some superacidic solution on the paper.
No LED's involved!

recall the color!

Final presentation at Science Hack Day Berlin.

We nearly made it to the "Best Hack" with TOTAL RECALL NAILS and won a cristal animal set!