360° Nail

by Sabrina Labis

Video 2:05 min (part 1), 360° Video 12:10 min (part 2), 2019

A 360° camera is attached to a fingernail. Images and videos are produced from its perspective.

360° cameras belong to the category of action cameras. These small, water and shock-resistant devices are usually mounted on helmets, bicycles and motorbikes. While the style of action camera recordings typically limits itself to extreme sports, the 360° nail opens up a whole new range of different perspectives. The fingernail becomes a tripod.

Mounting the tripod screw requires drilling a 6 mm hole into the fingernail. The tutorial teaches users how to drill a hole into their fingernails in order to attach a camera. Moving on to the 360° video that follows, viewers can watch nail art residents Sabrina Labis and Nadja Buttendorf eating chips from a ‘nail’s-eye view’.